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IX WebHosting are an extremely popular hosting company which offer a range of feature rich web hosting plans for a very competitive price. They are known for their anytime money-back guarantee, and the fact that they guarantee you will be able to contact a real human being who speaks English.

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by Polard on Best Hosting Reviews

Websites are constantly down. I have multiple hosting plans and they randomly become unavailable. Very frustrating. For the money, I am probably going to switch to a company like Interserver.

by Samules on Best Hosting Reviews

I have been hosting sites at IX Web Hosting for several years. Suddenly, unlimited disk usage became less than 20 GB. No respect for my past patronage. Just get it under 20 or we will shut you down. Fortunately, my customers worked with me and we were able to meet their specs. I am currently looking for a more honest service.

Pror to this, I had been a very happy customer for years but will have to abandon this service.

Beware! Beware!

by Reenu on Best Hosting Reviews

I have been with them for many years, no real issues. Now I am getting system generated messages saying I am using too much space.

Doesn't matter that I delete files, their system keeps coming after me, threatening to cut me off.

Good company until recently, now - stay away!!!

by Karan on Best Hosting Reviews

I am using IX web hosting services from last 5 years and hosted many websites with them. I have had no issue so far. Support team is very knowledgeable and experienced. Easy to use control panel and very reasonable price. I highly recommend IX web hosting to anyone looking at a web hosting.

by Alex on Best Hosting Reviews

IT was PERFECT. It is the ONLY reason I stay with IX. Customer service is 24/7 immediate and always accurate information and solved my issues well. It really is the best one. I honestly have been in contact with many hosting and web companies. IxWebhost is truly the best that I ever seen.

by Rintu on Best Hosting Reviews

We have struggled with IxWeb cloud hosting for an year. Real nightmare!!! Lots of downtime, very slow server, we got hacked, aways running out of memory because the system doesn't' delete the old backup files. They totally messed up the installation of the SSL certificate it took them 2 months to fix it!!

The last think that they did was deleting all our email forwards by mistake so lost our orders for 3 days!

by Kris on Best Hosting Reviews

IX is the worst of the worst I feel. Ive been using hosting companies for over 14 years now and they are horrible. I mean its one issue after another and I can see Im not alone here. I mean its always this issue with malware and sites being infected. No other host has been like this for me and then once the sites get infected, they do nothing to help and send insulting responses that make you feel like your alone and have zero help. Im in process now of moving every site I have with them and they get zero stars from me and I should have moved these sites a long time ago and this is what you get for being lazy. DO NOT use IX Webhosting, there are so many other great choices.

by Nick on Best Hosting Reviews

IX Web hosting is AWEFUL! Stay away from this provider. The shared server option goes down on a weekly basis. Switched email a long time ago as the email service went down for several days several times. I was talked into moving part of my web site to their cloud server option and was assured that I would get 24/7 live person service...did not happen. Certainly not a hosting solution for a business. Total run around. The only thing that the Platinum Technical service got me was a large bill to talk to an English-speaking rep after waiting on the phone for long periods of time. That was a step up from chatting with a foreigner who spoke very poor English. They told me that they could migrate my system from the shared server to the dedicated server in a month...it took 6 months and still did not work. Stay away.

by Leely on Best Hosting Reviews

There e-mail has been consistently slow. Now my e-mail is down as it was about 4 days ago. The "support" is a joke. I spent three hours on the chat support. Instead of resolving the issue, and they just reset my DNS record and said that was the problem and to wait 24 to 48 hours!!!

by Nicky on Best Hosting Reviews

I got a lot of server overload messages.. it makes my live very hard.. - the strange that I have domains on other 3 hosting providers but never get that messages and they never close my hosting for a days till I dont know why the "overload" normalized... Uhhh.. I will never take this host again.. it cost too much for that service.. 🙁

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