How to Choose the Best Web Hosting Service

Posted at August 22, 2015 at 9:01 pm by Mike

So you want to create your own website or blog. There are a number of free options available on the Web these days. However if you are serious about building your authority on the Web for business or personal reasons, experts agree that the best way to do this is to get your own domain and hosting service. That said, a number of factors might be holding you back, one of which is the lack of technical skills. You could always choose to hire a webmaster, but this means you will need to shed off thousands of dollars at the onset. For someone just starting out this could be a huge drawback. If you have limited capital but are willing to invest your time in learning how to build your own website, this is not impossible. Your choice of hosting company will play a vital role in the success or failure of your website. The following is a list of criteria that hopefully could help you make the right decision.

Features and Tools

One of the most important aspects you might want to check first with any hosting company will be the features and tools that come with the services they offer. A good Web hosting company should be able to offer you options to make your website creation a no brainer. Most hosting sites now offer a myriad of applications making it easier for even the least tech savvy person to start his or her own website. One example is the option to integrate WordPress. With WordPress you get to choose the design and appearance of your website without the need to code. With an upload button from your website host’s control panel you can have your site up and running in minute s. Aside from the frontend applications you also need to take into consideration the backend tools that come with your Web hosting service. If you think you will be storing a lot of data like blog posts, photos, customer info, etc , you may want to check out whether your plan comes with database software. The choice of operating system would largely depend on the type of additional software you will need at the backend. It has nothing to do with the OS you use in your own
computer. Most Web hosting sites offer a UNIX based operating system like Linux as most free backend software and applications like WordPress, run more smoothly on it as opposed to a Windows based one. However if you think you might be using Windows specific software in your website you might want to check out whether the option is
available. Another thing to consider is whether you want the latest state of the art hardware technology and pay a higher premium or whether you’re fine with basic technology as long as it’s functional and reliable.

Customer Service

The second but equally important factor in choosing the best web hosting company is the quality of its customer service. Do some research and read customer reviews on a company’s performance when it comes to addressing their clients’ issues. When it comes to running a website, technical problems are unavoidable. It will help ease your mind to know that your hosting company will be there for you 24/7 providing superb assistance where you need it.

Web Server Host’s Site Location

The location where your service provider is based might not seem very important as long as they deliver. If the company is based in the opposite side of the globe you might end up dealing with some language barrier or time zone issues. It ultimately comes down to what kind of information you dig out regarding the host’s customer service
performance. Another thing to consider when dealing with an offshore based company will be on your side of home, specifically your finances. Check whether your bank or credit card company charges a service fee or other extras when making an overseas purchase and how much. Compare the total price and see if the cheaper fee from an offshore host stays cheap after all the extras.

Determine What Type of Hosting Service You Need

Now that you’ve checked out a company’s customer service and found that the tools and features work for you, it’s time to check out the web hosting packages on offer and how it fits into your budget. Most hosting companies these days offer multiple plan options tailored to a webmaster or customer’s website needs.
You might opt for a plan where you get a dedicated server all to yourself but pay a more expensive monthly fee. A dedicated server means you will have to shoulder all the expenses of maintaining it. On the upside you will have minimum latency and vulnerability issue as opposed to hosting your website on a shared server. A shared server on the other hand means you also share all the maintenance costs.
Some plans will include unlimited domains and unlimited websites. This might or might not be a necessary requirement for you but it will help to consider this thinking long term as it could save you a good amount of money in the long run. Other factors to check out will be the size of storage and bandwidth allocation. Of course the best packages come with a price, but bear in mind that expensive does not always equal quality. Weigh all the options and choose the package that you are most comfortable with financially without compromising on the quality of service.

Affiliate Program

Although not on the top things to consider, you may also want to check out whether your prospective host company offers an affiliate program. After all they will be making money off of you, why not earn some from them as well. Just remember not to compromise the quality of service you will be getting for a chance to make a few bucks. In conclusion, the trick to finding the best Web hosting service suited to you and your website’s needs depends on research and probably some trial and error along the way.
If things don’t work out with your host you can always move on to the next until you find the one that works best. It will be a hassle but you will be wiser the second time around.

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