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HostGator has shown itself to be a real surprise in the world of website design and hosting, challenging (as you can see by our top 5 ratings) the likes of Wix and Weebly, both being well established online companies. The user is spoilt for choice with templates from the get-go, which can be personalized on one of the best editors we’ve seen to date! is extremely competitively priced which leads us to believe that HostGator is one of the best ways to start or expand your online footprint by creating a website to rival the best in the business.

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Best Hosting Reviews
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 49 reviews
by karen puleo on Best Hosting Reviews

Consider that ONE star a NEGATIVE star. This company is a mess, complete run around. Nothing gets done. We're at 9 days with no email or website working. This company needs to be SHUT DOWN.

by Stu Ducklow on Best Hosting Reviews

Slow. By that I mean slow. As in very, very slow. And expensive. I have inherited a site on hostgator that runs on shared hosting at about half the speed of my other sites, which run on VPS on Inmotion Hosting. Hostgator charges just as much as Inmotion for half the performance and wants about $90 to put the site on VPS.

Support is reasonable and staff seem to know what they're talking about but I would never put a site here because they simply don't offer the same performance at the same price as Inmotion.

by Stu Ducklow on Best Hosting Reviews

Zero. I'm quite sure they don't sell child porn but they would if there was any money in it. If you have any standards at all, please give this provider a miss. Staff are fine and reasonably knowledgeable, but they work for the worst of greedy corporations.

by K Van Wyk on Best Hosting Reviews

Unfortunately the lowest rating allows is 1 * - I would preferred to give them nothing. They are an ethical business that continue to deduct funds, unauthorized, from our account, notwithstanding that we have cancelled my account numerous times. Stay away from them!!!

by Mark Moloughney on Best Hosting Reviews

The worst. Do not host with these guys. I just moved a domain to them from GoDaddy and the experience has been nothing but dreadful. Support team is absolutely unhelpful and totally unwilling to escalate. All I can do is wait. I had to go through so much just to get my domain transferred from GoDaddy and once I had everything setup and running for 2 weeks before they decided to sent me a verification email which I missed and then they decided to shut my domain down because I didn't verify it. Unreal! you have been warned. Don't waste your time with these guys. They are garbage.

by Francis Clark on Best Hosting Reviews

Service is terrible! Long waits to pick up phone calls, inconsistent and inaccurate answers to questions. Unable to transfer my web content over several days but Siteground migrated my web content immediately. Hostgator will not release my domain names for 60 days even though ICANN said they are allowed to release them now. Run away! Run far away!

by Adrian on Best Hosting Reviews

I have been with HostGator since the last 9 years, it was a great company until it being sold to EIG. I've kindly moved away and have a better alternative provider who's gone above and beyond to help me when i require it. They've moved my whole website away for free, helped me remove some malware which HG wanted me to pay a separate company for all for free.

Stablepoint has been a fresh breath of air, fast support and actual staff who can help when asking. Nothing beats them and i suggest anyone reading this the same.

by jeroen on Best Hosting Reviews

when their system is down you have to deal with bots andpeope that will talk to people to get a restart for the system hopefully within a few hours . in short their service is crap , i am sstill there as have many sistes and dedicated server but in process of finding something else as their downtime is enourmous , stay away

by Anonymous on Best Hosting Reviews

ZERO STARS. I've never been more disappointed in a company than I am right now. I have been charged for an account that I haven't used for a year, and Hostgator does not have the decency to refund the money owed to me. I listed the dates charged and the amounts, and still no resolve. Even after being a customer for over ten years, with multiple businesses hosted on their platform, and the idea that a company would be so fraudulent in their practices is unacceptable. I've recommended Hostgator for years to my clients, but that all ends today. I considered leaving many times for more progressive options, but I stayed for loyalty. But Hostgator is only loyal to the dollar bill. -Signed Extremely disappointed.

by Nick on Best Hosting Reviews

I would give 0 stars on the rating if i could. customer service is trash.. do not waste your money, literally any other web hosting is better.

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