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Green Geeks is a renowned for its customer friendly approach to webhosting, making it easier than ever to get webhosting and for a low annual outlay. Offering its very own sitebuilder or the option of a word press blog you are given a great deal of flexibility when choosing your hosting. The fun style of the brand makes them a very appealing option to the novice web user, Green Geeks really excel in helping make web hosting an easy task.

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 10 reviews
by Rock on Best Hosting Reviews

GreeGeeks totally, most definitely and completely ROCKS!!! Seriously, their sales, customer support and technical are all amazing. They exceed every expectation I have about customer support and value for your money. I swear I have never waited more than 10 minutes for response to my question or support ticket request (even at 3:30am). The account management features easy access to all your accounts with a single sign-on and the WHM/cPanel has everything I need to support my customers. So glad I made the change from JustHost (who shouldn't even be considered at all)... I definitely am a customer for life!!!

by Shiv on Best Hosting Reviews

Super Services. Recommended .

by Kamla on Best Hosting Reviews

In all honesty GreenGeeks is good, but I was a bigger fan of Interserver. As for response time from support? Eh....About 2 days by mail. You can surely do better Geeks! Their uptime speed is good...which is nice. As far as features are concerned, I also think Interserver had a better offering. I don't think they're the most responsive and my question required followup but overall ok.

by Galvin on Best Hosting Reviews

We had an issue because we make some mistakes in our company that affects our service. The support team of greengeeks solve the problem by hearing us. The issue was not an ordinary one, they really read and scalate and were not happy until they found a solution. We recommend them to everyone, specially because we feel that we are talking to human beings and not with robots that are programed to repit a speech. THANK YOU SUPPOR TEAM..

by Sandy on Best Hosting Reviews

Avoid greengeeks at any cost, awfull support and borderline scam.The registration page shows you the cheapest monthly price but you are actually billed 2 years worth of their hosting. The total price is actually well hidden. And then comes cancellation. Oh god, what a ride! Bounced between departments, long response time, and finally, they still keep a 15$ fee for a subscription that was cancellled the same hour it was registered. Seeing how they treat (new) clients, I would never trust my business there!

by Nijju on Best Hosting Reviews

My experience with GreenGeeks it's really bad. After been their customers for three years I've asked them for another service but since the service wasn't enough good I've decided to cancel it.

Since then I've sent 20 emails, chats with them, phone calls in order to have my money back and they first offer a refund with other services that I've declined after when I've asked for my money back they never reply back to me.

If you read the review on different websites you will notice that this always happen with them.

It's really a bad service, stay away!

by Garla on Best Hosting Reviews

Very good and responsive customer service. I also find that their documentation for setting up my hosting is friendly and good.

I would recommend it to any one looking for a cheap but reliable web hosting.

by Hulk on Best Hosting Reviews

We've been using Green Geeks for 4 /12 years now and are picky since we ran our own regional data center and network from 1997-2005. Great technical support and excellent value. If your still hosting your sites on a provider that takes 72 to respond to a request WHY ARE YOU?

Great Price and Good Value, plus they are carbon neutral,

by Gilly on Best Hosting Reviews

I've had ONLY positive experiences with Green Geeks since first moving my sites here about 7 years ago. Customer service has been uniformly prompt and helpful every time I've communicated with them. The prices are great and I can't ever remember a time that service was down. Thanks for being a great company.

by Sally on Best Hosting Reviews

I have been charged a 15$ account setup fee that nobody has ever told me about for cancelling within minutes of having made the payment, as son as I received an e-mail stating that I was going to be charged 300%+ over the offered fee starting the second year of hosting.

It is a pity, I was considering moving a considerable amount of websites (100+) to GreenGeeks, but now, becuse of 15 miserable dollars, they will be out of this business AND have me writing this and other reviews for the rest of the world to know.

Hint: NEVER trust a company that hides all the information behind "wonderful" offers, just to stab you in the back as son as you are not looking.

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