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GoDaddy has shown itself to be a real surprise in the world of website design and hosting, challenging (as you can see by our top 5 ratings) the likes of Wix and Weebly, both being well established online companies. The user is spoilt for choice with templates from the get-go, which can be personalized on one of the best editors we’ve seen to date! is extremely competitively priced which leads us to believe that GoDaddy is one of the best ways to start or expand your online footprint by creating a website to rival the best in the business.

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Best Hosting Reviews
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 101 reviews
by John Ollmann on Best Hosting Reviews

A 5 day refund policy on 2-year subscription on domains and email addresses is RIDICULOUSLY short. We found out that we no longer needed 5 products after less than a month, and we are forced to not only pay for this 12 month period, but also the NEXT 12 month period, despite having cancelled the our orders.

by nigel webber on Best Hosting Reviews

I have been treated appallingly. I tried to cancel my account 3 days before the renewal date but i could not access my account so i called godaddy to help me do this. BIG MISTAKE. Everytime i tried to talk to someone they just put the phone down on me and refused to help me. So when the renewal came up i had to pay for another year. So i ask for my money back and they flatly refused stating please read the policy. I would like to know where it states in the policy that they ignore me and steal money from my account. This is totally crazy and irresponsible. I should have given them -10 stars but unfortunately the minimum i have to give is 1 star. If anybody can give me a regulator who i can turn to then please send it to me on my email [email protected] it will be much appreciated. I wouldn't go any where near godaddy

by Solih on Best Hosting Reviews

Preinstalled Limit Login Attempt in Godaddy package causing error login on my WooCommerce login page,.
SSL installation take to long (72 hrs), my visitors dropped since that day.
Also i lose some of my site ownership verification files (Google, Bing, Yandex, Pinteres, ect) once migrated..
One month is enough to stay...i moved away.

by julian on Best Hosting Reviews

They told me all will be fine with their own email service. But all emails landed in SPAM and the only option was a very expensive upgrade to Microsoft exchange. Terrible!!!!

by Mechelle on Best Hosting Reviews


1. The service is really bad
2. They give wrong information
3. You need to have the right information so you can insist that what they tell you is wrong, otherwise they will insist with the wrong information
4. Their tech support aren’t good, they cannot resolve their own server issue
5. The support team is very unhelpful, not supportive of your issue and they just don’t care

We transferred our domain to GoDaddy 10th June 2019, for some reason GoDaddy cannot resolve the DNS issue thus resulting to our website down for more than 3 weeks and some emails not coming through. We called GoDaddy for support, they configured DNS multiple times but was not able to resolve the issue after all. We requested for GoDaddy to lift the lock so we can move to a private server but they advised us to contact ICANN because ICANN can only lift the lock, when we called ICANN, they clarified, provided us with the policy and it turns out, this should be from GoDaddy. We contacted GoDaddy again, told us the same information and insisted that only ICANN can lift the lock, until I provided the email from ICANN and the policy clauses. They put me on hold for more than 10 mins and told that there is nothing they can do about it, we have to wait for 60 days even after I explained the reason of transfer. They did not offer to look into it etc. I advised that ICANN advised me to send a complaint re this, and the customer support agreed and just said “okay that’s fine”.

by Alex on Best Hosting Reviews

expensive, renewals are a joke... i need to find somwhere else

by John on Best Hosting Reviews

Somebody needs to take down this company. There's no end to the profit making scams this company has put in place to rip people off. Their trade practices, bait and switch, is something you'd expect from low life scum bags but not from a company registered on the stock exchange. Hopefully some smart Attorney will file a class action lawsuit as there would be plenty of illicit trade practices to expose. Here's one example: They advertise domain name registration at $4,99 for one year but in reality it doesn't exist. It's nothing but FALSE ADVERTISING. I don't understand how that can be legal? Once you're done filling out your subscription, without adding more services, you're asked to pay more than twice that amount. It might not seem like much but imagine with thousands of subscribers being conned it adds up to millions. It's tkme to turn GoDaddy into a #NoDaddy. Never Again.

by Debra on Best Hosting Reviews

$3000 and I got nothing. GoDaddy doesn’t care won’t give me any refund. Unless you want to throw your money away you’re better off not even being online. What’s the point, there are so many con artists and manipulators in the background making your site obsolete. GoDaddy just hires the best male sales people that take your money and deliver NOTHING of quality. Don’t be suck into their shinny promise because they're lying.

by Mohamad Houdeib on Best Hosting Reviews

DO NOT use GoDaddy! They are a bunch of thieves! I deactivated the auto-renewal for my domain and hosting, but they still took my money! Tried calling but they are just not willing to help their customers.

by Rhett Keller on Best Hosting Reviews

I found godaddy to be a complete waste of time and money, as well as unethical. If you search for a domain name and you don't purchase it immediately, you will find that godaddy parks the name and then tries to sell it back to you at ridiculously inflated prices. The customer service if you can even call it that is really bad and if you expect to resolve any issues you may encounter, you'll likely be very disappointed the same as thousands before you.

I have been specializing in web design and ecommerce platforms for many years and the number of clients I have helped migrate away from godaddy is quite astounding.

I am only placing this review here because of what I know and hopefully I can spare some of you some unnecessary heartache. However, if you decide to employ godaddys services then I look forward to migrating your business website to something more reliable and cost effective in the future.

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